Week 1: The start of everything….

On the last day of 2017, I have officially started. With walking at least… besides that I still have to muster the courage. I understand that this may sound a little confusing, so let me go ahead and explain a few things.

Since December 4th 2017, I am finally, after 8 very very long weeks, cast free. The trauma surgeon has finally given a green(-ish) light and the date for my gastric bypass is known: January 15th, 2018.

Still a bit confused?
Let’s dig a bit deeper into my recent history.

Since March 2017 I am in the Dutch Obesity Clinic programme. My BMI is morbid, and I have given up on doing it alone. Obviously, I have been dieting my whole life. I’ve always been “that cute chubby girl”. Every diet, pill, cure, etc. you name it and I’ve tried it! At the Obesity Clinic, I joined a 7-year trajectory which consists of complete guidance by a dietician, psychologist, exercise expert, doctor, etc.

In August 2017, I heard about the Camino, a pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostella, for the first time. Well, that sounded like quite an experience. I could see myself walking spiritually and serene, wearing a long cloak, over a centuries-old path and sleeping in stables on some straw beds on the way. Oh, I do have to mention that I am not religious, nor have I been baptized… I do like symbolism and traditions, though! I discussed this pilgrimage with my mother and we decided to walk part of this trip together.
My mother and I booked a flight to Porto on April 12th 2018, and from Santiago de Compostella back home on April 26th. A 237km walk within 2 weeks, that must be possible, right? So in September 2017, my mother and I started training and that went fine until October when I stepped on a loose piece of asphalt and broke my right foot. After wearing a cast for 8 never-ending weeks, another X-ray was taken which showed the disappointing result of a fracture that had only been healed for 25%. On December 27th, 2017, another X-ray was taken, after which the trauma surgeon said:
* The fracture shows good progress and you could definitely start training again very slowly! That Camino in 2019 is certainly feasible.
Uhm…Doctor? I booked the Camino for April 2018.
* Oh, well, right, uhm… just go for it! But don’t be disappointed when you probably won’t succeed.
Well … shit.😦
Meanwhile, I had also received a phone call from the Obesity Clinic. My gastric bypass operation is scheduled for January 15th 2018.

Do you know that feeling, that at some point in life, you just have to juggle too many balls up in the air? That’s what’s happening with me right now. At this moment, I’m juggling with the following balls called: “Marriage”, “Children”, “Housekeeping”, “Work”, “Broken Foot”, “Gastric Bypass”, “Camino”. Right now, all the balls are still up in the air but it’s just a matter of time before that one sneaky ball manages to fall.
Now you know a bit more about my history, let’s continue the story.

On the last day of 2017, I started training again for the first time since the cast was removed. I was in good spirits and even bought new shoes. Meindl’s; The Mercedes of walking shoes according to the seller. Well, I really hope so because from my previous shoes I got so many blisters on my right foot that just before I broke my foot, you could not even see my little toe. My little toe had metamorphosed into a kind of potato. It was just blister on blister, on blister, on blister, … well, you can probably only imagine what that looked like. That was the only advantage of having that foot in a cast: besides stabilizing my fracture, all those 100,000 blisters had plenty of time to heal during those 8 long weeks.

Anyway, it was time to put on my new walking shoes. Those shoes, that’s quite a thing. Seriously! How lame can you make outdoor walking shoes? You can call them the Mercedes under the walking shoes and hang a Mercedes price tag on it, but that does not really make them look any better. While I was trying them on, I got flashbacks to my Piedro’s from the past… Nevertheless, they felt good and my right foot felt safe. A nice thick sole, thick dark brown leather, laces … what more could you want? Well, a little fashion sense maybe?? I saw an old lady behind a walker with more fashionable shoes than me.
Okay, I’ll stop whining. They are good sensible shoes and my right foot felt protected. Now it was time to start training again. I went to pick up my mother, and while I was waiting for her I put my blah-blah Nordic blah-die-blah sticks together and off we went! We would walk cautiously along the bus line so if I wouldn’t be able to walk anymore, we could hop on the bus to go home. So, we were in good spirits! However, we only walked for 2.3 kilometers before the pain in my foot became unbearable. No, not 23km, 2.3km! We had to take the bus to go home. Very disappointing. I know it was only the first time, but still …!

On January 3rd 2018, I went to the physiotherapist. My entire foot, ankle and bottom calf remains purple and swollen and the fracture (which has still not fully healed) is also still very sensitive. I also have an overworked thigh muscle because I still have a silly walk, and am still limping and hopping. Anyway, the physio had good news and bad news. The good news is that the pain in my thigh muscle will disappears as soon as I start walking normally again. The bad news? That fracture in my foot takes long a time to heal and that Camino in April is still a challenge. Well … shit!
What to do? On January 15th, I’ll have my Gastric Bypass and in 3.5 months I’ll fly to Porto. It was, is and will be a typical “my timing sucks and I like to do everything all at once” Cindy challenge.

You know what? I’m going to a wellness weekend. Together with my oldest daughter. I can use this time to go over everything in my head and above all: enjoy good food and wine while it’s still possible. Last week I started a bit with the schedule for after my surgery: no liquids 30 minutes before and after eating, making soups, 6 eating-moments per day etc. This weekend will be my relaxing weekend before all hell really breaks loose. Can’t wait!

PS. Here’s a picture of my beautiful Cinderella slippers




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