Week5: Déjà vu …

Sometimes something happens that makes your life suddenly flash before your eyes. In my case, that happened last week when I fell down the stairs. And actually, it was not my life that flashed by but more the banister. In the time that I fell from the top all the way down to the bottom – we live in an old house with high ceilings, and high stairs – the only thing I could thing about was: “Oh, my foo …”. Then I was already one floor down, completely silent, quietly breathing, staring up at the ceiling. Slowly you realize that you’re still alive and you go through a quick checklist:
Right foot?  Check, no more pain than usual.
Left foot?    Au!
– Do I dare to look? Nah… I’ll wait a second
– Do I dare to look now? Okay, it’s only a blue-ish ring-toe
Tailbone? Check – a sore right buttock. I’ll have a look later …
Shoulder? Oh dear…I’ll probably have a lot of muscle pain tomorrow
Stitches? Check, they’re still there.

Well, I got off well.
The last thing that still needs to be checked… my pride? Aaaaand yes, we’ve got a loser!

It was a typical déjà vu moment. My husband came to the stairs and asked if we, after all these years, still had to place a stair gate.
A long time ago, we lived in a little town in the south of Holland, Drunen. We had an open staircase to the attic and we placed a stair gate on the landing. My husband often warned our eldest daughter (2yrs at that time) not to walk on the stairs with socks or tights on because the stairs are slippery. One day I was in a hurry and my tights were in the laundry basket in the attic. I ran upstairs, quickly pulled on the tights and quickly ran down, with my tights half on. Of course, I slipped and rolled down the stairs where I got stuck at the bottom in that stupid stair gate. My husband had to free me from that awkward position and then he said angrily that from now on he had watch two little children. I replied that I would appreciate it if he could just ask if everything was okay. Duh! I’m not a small child after all?
Six weeks later it happened for a second time and I had to go to the first aid where they noticed a little fracture in my shoulder blade. They were not going to do anything about the fracture because the X-ray showed also that it was already healing, which turned out to be from a previous fall. Aha! 6 weeks earlier? Exactly, that one!

Last week I didn’t run down the stairs with my tights half on. I was wearing my cool, seamless and very thick hiking socks. These socks are very thick but also very slippery on carpet. Oh, and of course with my foot, I can’t run at all. By the way, those socks are perfect in my beautiful dark brown leather mules with thick sole. So far, I have only 1 blister. That blister is the size of Guernsey but it’s manageable. Apparently, I made the right choice with those shoes.
After my mother and I started walking for the first time last week (see Week 4), this week we already walked on Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday and again today. We walked a maximum of 5km because my physiotherapist was a bit angry with me. I had to promise him that from now on I will not walk until I can’t continue any longer, but that I had to stop immediately as soon as my foot hurts. That’s really difficult since I’m not a psychic and if you hike in the dunes, you can’t stop immediately as soon as it hurts because there is really no bus or something. My foot hurts all day any way, only during those walks it hurts a bit more.

route 4 feb

With a limit of 5km, there aren’t a lot of nice routes. Scheveningen to Kijkduin is about 6km, so today I realized that we could take a shortcut when we leave the dunes at beach exit 6. Well, in terms of mileage I was indeed right but what I had not taken into account is that when you walk back through the dunes to a bus stop, you have to go through the sand uphill and downhill. Still, it was a nice route – difficult – but fun to walk.

I just hope that because of all the walking I will finally lose some kilos. Really, I follow the rules and have those stupid six eating moments and I move a lot. I might have started working a bit too soon, but that won’t make a difference in losing kilos either, right? So why are my fellow ‘classmates’ losing a lot of weight and I’m not? Well, I did lose something in terms of centimeters and of course that’s nice, but I would be pleased if the stupid scale also showed something nice.
Last Tuesday we had a meeting at the clinic, so I discussed this with the dietitian. The dietitian told me that it doesn’t happen often but that it’s also not abnormal. My body was in such a reserve mode before the operation, that it’s now a little shocked by all that food coming in. It has to be totally reset and has to be confident that it can burn food safely because new food will actually arrive this time. All great, but it’s almost been 3 weeks since I had the surgery, so my body should be used to it by now. Sigh…


Almost 3 weeks ago… unbelievable. It actually feels much longer. Maybe because I could eat normal things so quickly instead of all that crazy liquid food. Did you know that if you cook different ingredients and throw it in a blender, a kind of pea soup comes out? So, during that liquid period I drank so many types of pea soup that I definitely won’t be having pea soup for a while. Fortunately, I can eat almost everything now. Oh, just no bread because that really feels like a block of concrete on my stomach and hurts terribly. I also once tried a tartar steak but that that didn’t go very well either. That tartar steak really didn’t want to be absorbed by my walnut-sized stomach, so it made its way back out…not pleasant!

Well, that’s all for this week. Tomorrow is the start of a new week with physiotherapy at 8am, so next week you can read if the physiotherapist was satisfied with my progress.
Until next week 😊


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