Week 6: Elmo with his big … ears

I used to think that writing a blog was easy peasy lemon squeezy. I can now honestly tell you that that is not the case. The whole week I’m thing about what to write, but I’ve been totally uninspired. Life is just a bit blah blah… My foot is still not good, my wounds have almost healed, and I have lost 2 full kilos already! Grr… ☹ Who cares about 2 tiny kilos if you have to lose 45? And then there are people who now eat a hamburger, some fries, or drink a glass of wine, and they’ve lost 8 kilos or so. That makes you grumpy, at least … it makes ME grumpy and I hate that.

When the sun was shining last week, everything seemed so much better. Like last Tuesday when I went with my youngest daughter to her horse riding school. Since my fall, I hate horses (except that nice horse steak) and I don’t go very often. I’m scared to watch my daughter ride because in my head, she has already fallen 3 times and broken her back or something. Anyway, last Tuesday we jumped in my convertible, top down, and drove to the riding school. We put nice music on and sang along. That’s mother-daughter bonding. If you can sing together without shame, then the relationship is fine! At the riding school I helped with brushing Nanou (the pony) and then my girl went riding. She rides really good and sometimes, very occasionally, I think I want to start riding again. Not yet of course, first I’ve got to lose some kilos otherwise it’s sooooo sad for the horse!

Furthermore, during last week, I still enjoyed the nice weather and went to the forest with the Muppets a couple of times. Muppet doesn’t need a leash, but we do keep Elmo on a leash because he’s still young and really bounces in all directions. He is 5 months old now and he really is kind of special. After Muppet the Pirate (he’s blind in one eye), we now have Elmo with the big balls, the big ears and an underbite. We expected him to grow a bit bigger (his parents are quite big) but so far, only his balls and ears are growing.

Last week I went to the vet with Elmo because we still can’t get him potty-trained, so I wanted the vet to check him and see if there is a medical problem. Even the vet had to laugh. “Yes, his balls are coming down well and his ears are really growing!”. All together she said that Elmo looks very healthy and he is a cute and sweet dog with maybe a bit of a behavioral problem. He is still young, and we can still train him to do everything outside but just in case, I’ve made an appointment with a dog whisperer. Actually, she is a behavioral therapist, but dog whisperer sounds more fun 😊. Let’s see if she can perform miracles because until now, Elmo has been peeing and pooping everywhere except outside and/or on the training pads.

Oh wait, BREAKING NEWS!!! I almost forgot. I do have something new about our walk. My mother and I have come up with a back-up/fallback scenario. I can keep going on like everything is going to be alright but let’s be honest… I’ll probably not make it. Right now, I can hike around 4.7km each time but it really hurts and right after walking my foot starts to swell and discolor. In April we have to walk 25km a day so from 4.5km to 25km in April… hm, I don’t think so. That’s why we have adjusted our plan a bit. The minimum requirements for the Camino are 100km walking or 200km cycling or 300km on horseback. So, we will travel from Porto as soon as possible to about 100km before Santiago. That travel will be, well I don’t know yet, with horse and wagon/by tractor/hitchhiking/bus… and then we’ll walk the rest (those last 100km). That means that we can walk less kilometers per day because we have more time.
Of course, this is an emergency scenario. We have until April to see how my foot heals. But I do prefer to walk the last 100km and get our official Compostela than to walk the first 50 or so kilometers and then have to give up and maybe be crippled the rest of my life. I think I’m being really smart here 😊

Well, that’s it for this week. Like I said, no inspiration at all.
Maybe next week I’ll write something about those extra juggling balls that have snuck into my juggling act, like the “let’s sell the house but my husband doesn’t agree with it” -ball and the “PsyQ will test me on ADD” -ball.

Until next week 😊


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