Week 8: Desperately seeking a hobby…

After my small relapse last week, I’ve decided that I have to slow down a bit and they best way to do so is to find a hobby. I had to think real hard and I still didn’t know what kind of hobby I should pick up and so I started to Google. On Google I found many lists such as “Top 100 hobbies” or “I am bored and I want a hobby”. I opened the list “Top 100 hobbies” and the first thing I saw was a whole list of sports. Oh, come on! I’m looking for a hobby, not a sport?!

I continued looking at that list and I came to the chapter ‘Zen, Yoga and mindfulness’ hobbies and my eye fell directly upon ‘didgeridoo’. Ha ha ha 😊, now that is a fun hobby! Or actually, it would never be my hobby, but I was curious how a didgeridoo could function as a hobby and I had a lot of questions. Where can you buy such a thing? Are there special Didgeridoo shops? How do you take a didgeridoo along the street? What is the verb? Didgeridoo-ing? I really needed to know more so I clicked on ‘Didgeridoo’, and what do you think? Nothing happened! If you have a whole list of 100 hobbies, why is there no possibility to click on a hobby to get more information? So weird.

Anyway, I continued checking the list. After all, I still needed to find a hobby and I desperately needed some inspiration. Dancing? I really do not think that is a hobby. Reading? I already read a lot. I’ve got my own personal library and I’ve also got a lot of interesting and antique books in my shop. I can’t call reading a hobby either. Space travelling? Eh …?

Why is it so hard? I just want to follow a course. Something creative. Sculpting? Hm, I do like that, but I followed a class already long time ago. Been there, done that. And that’s when I saw it! Somewhere hidden in between all those hobbies I found “making your own furniture”. Wow! That’s definitely a course for me! I only needed to Google where exactly I could follow a course to learn. After I found it, I immediately sent an email to ask if I could join the next beginners group. The next day I received an e-mail with an answer: “The beginners group is full”. I scrolled all the way down to the end of the email but there was really no more text. Nothing about a next beginners group, nothing about a waiting list… nothing! Apparently, “making your own furniture” was not supposed to be my hobby.


Well, the next thing I liked was “furniture restoration”. I looked up some information and sent an email. I almost immediately received an email back. They had one spot left for the beginners group starting in April. Oh, that’s a shame. In April it will be Camino time so that would mean that I would miss a quarter of the course.


Painting? Pottery? Knitting? Yarnbombing? Toilet Paper Origami?

Sorry! I’ve got to disappoint you. It’s going to be a lot less exciting. I’m picking up piano lessons again! I had some lessons a few years ago but I think I might have to start from scratch again. I don’t care. I’ve got the talent and soon enough I’ll play the stars out of the sky. A kind of John Legend but then with blonde hair. Oh, and boobs. I am actually more of a Jane Legend. I do have to wait to reserve Carnegie Hall though, I haven’t received a message or phone call about my trial lesson just yet.

You would think that all the walking my mother and I are doing at this point could also be considered as a hobby. It’s taking a lot of time and it’s fun to do but I still consider it more as a sport. A hobby is something where you can sit inside, nice and cozy, and not going through rain and wind, frolicking a bit and when you finish you’ve got a tangible (or with piano an audible) result. That’s not happening with walking. In the past, walking simply gave a satisfied feeling. Now, at this moment, it’s giving me more of a frustration feeling because I can only walk such a short distance. But that is all going to change, right?

Maybe I could consider the Camino as a hobby? I’m looking up information regularly such as all the different routes, the history of the routes, which backpack do I need? How much clothing? What is the average temperature on the way? What sightseeing can we do? Oooooh… I’m so excited about the trip. I really look forward to it, but I still have to wait another 1.5 months. I’ve already bought some hiking clothes at Decathlon. All a bit too small of course so I have to shrink in it otherwise I’ll look like a roulade. By the time we start the Camino I’ll look all neatly and flashy in my neon hiking outfit!

Fortunately, I’m going to St. Petersburg (Russia) next weekend (or not). That will shorten the waiting time for the Camino (or not). You might wonder about that negativity, right? That’s because I still do not know if we will receive our visa in time. After going to the visa office 3 times 2 weeks ago, I received an email last week that they could not process our request because there were no extra passport photos. Excuse me? I submitted a huge package with the entire application (including extra photos) and our passports. I called the visa office to ask them what happened, and they put me on hold for a long time. I finished the crossword from the newspaper and I just wanted to start a new one when the lady came back on the phone. Everything was fine, and our visa request was already submitted at the Russian Embassy. She thinks that the email had been sent unjustified. She THINKS? Travelling “The Muynckees style”, remember?

I wonder how it will go in St. Petersburg with my food. It will be the first time after the surgery that I’ll eat in restaurants. It will be a whole new experience. During the past week, eating my dinner was also a bit of a challenge. I couldn’t digest it at all and I immediately became sick. It’s annoying because this way I’m vomiting out my dinner and I can’t eat that last snack of the day so that means I’m not getting enough vitamins and minerals inside me. I also need more calories. Maybe there is too little time in between the afternoon snack and dinner? That maybe I am too full already? Or maybe I have become spontaneously allergic to vegetables? (Oops! That would be really bad. Nah, in the afternoon I can eat vegetables so that doesn’t make any sense). It is something to keep an eye on otherwise I have to call the clinic.

During the Camino it will be difficult with food as well. You’ll never know when you come across a place to eat along the way and I do have pretty set eating moments. I have to summon the help of my dietitian. For sure she knows how I can solve this the best way. Maybe I should take something like protein bars? Not too many of course because it all has to fit in my backpack. That backpack is going to be heavy with lots of stuff already and I do not intend to give myself a hernia. Hmm, I can also secretly put it all my extra stuff in my mother’s backpack! 😉

“Cin, shall we take a break? My backpack is soooo heavy and I can’t go on! ”

-Aw come on mom, I’m also carrying a backpack, and do you hear me complaining? Hurry up let’s go!

After all the hectic moments of last week I think I’ve earned some peace and relaxation. I booked myself an appointment at Lemongrass and am about to enjoy THE best Thai massage outside of Thailand.

Until next week 😊


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