Week 9: Frozen…

This week just a late and weird report because the whole week revolves around our little getaway to St. Petersburg.

Geeeez it was so cold there. I actually thought it wouldn’t matter that much if it was -4 or -18, since after all cold is just cold no matter what temperature. Well, it definitely matters. Brrr.. and in every museum we went we only saw paintings of St. Petersburg in the snow. I have the feeling it snows there more often?
Oh yeah, let’s start from the beginning. Our visa. Getting the visa worked out in the end. Last Monday I got an email informing me my paperwork still wasn’t complete. Initially, I was a bit shocked, but eventually I realized that if the paperwork still wasn’t complete by now, I would never manage to arrange a visa on time, so I put my trust in the lady at the visa agency who I initially called, and she told me the email was actually a mistake. On Tuesday, I received another email that I could pick up the visas the next day. HOORAAY! I picked up the visas on Wednesday and we flew on Thursday. Luckily my husband had landed on time in Amsterdam after his business trip, so we met each other at the KLM Lounge. It was all so weird, everything was going smooth, not a De Muynck-y thing at all.

Because we’re not used to everything going as it should we started doubting: “Do we still have our passport?”, “Is my wallet not stolen?”, “No hole in my coat?”, “Does our plane still have its engine?”, “Are there a bunch of crying babies sitting directly behind us?”, “Is our flight overbooked?” and finally, there it was: our flight was delayed. Initially 1 hour but finally 2 hours. Great! Now we could start enjoying our weekend although half an hour delay would have been enough on such a short flight.

The flight went fine and after our arrival we had to find our driver. He carried my luggage, so I could close my coat before we had to go outside. The doors opened, I stepped outside and
HOLY SH*T THAT’S COLD! Well, that feeling stayed the whole weekend. Every time when I stepped outside, my heart skipped a beat. Museum in, museum out…boomboom boomboom……….boomboom. Every single time, it’s a cold you can’t adjust to.
However, St. Petersburg is a beautiful city. I can recommend this city full heartily although I would wait until the temperature is +20C instead of -20C. The city is so majestic and grand and there are so many beautiful things to see, our 3,5 days were way too short.

According to the count-thingy-app in my phone we walked about 40 km during the weekend. At night I was exhausted, and I had to rest my foot before it exploded but I also felt very satisfied. If I can walk those distances already, then the Camino in April is not going to be any problem, right? That was the good news….

The bad news? I cursed my f***ing Gastric Bypass! All those stupid little eating moments and drinking moments went wrong. It’s not allowed to eat/drink in a museum and we were walking in The Hermitage from 11am to 5pm. What to do? There was a little café in the museum, so we went there twice. The first time I could eat something, the second time I was so thirsty that I chose to drink something instead of eating. That’s definitely not enough during a day.
Oh, and how about breakfast? I can’t eat and drink at the same time. There has to be 30 minutes in between. So, while I was eating a tasteless little breakfast, my husband was enjoying his double espresso, his freshly squeezed orange juice and his breakfast. Half an hour later I had to buy a coffee and drink it while walking. Of course, we could sit down but that would take precious sight-seeing time. In the end I just carried a bottle of water and a granola bar in my bag.
Well, it is what it is. There is no going back anyway. However, apparently, I’m just not ready to plan those eat/drink moments properly.
When I’m at home it’s a bit easier to schedule those moments and maybe time will teach me how to create a rhythm for when I’m travelling, but especially during this last weekend, I HATED MY GBP!!!

So, that’s it for this week. Maybe next week I’ve got some more to tell you, maybe I’ve miraculously lost 30kg, or just 10kg (that would be nice too. By now the weight loss should finally start, right?) but as I said, last week was all about our trip.

Untill next week 🙂

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