Week 10: Soooo eclectic…

Isn’t it weird? You blink your eyes and suddenly it’s already week 10. Okay, I was a bit late with my week 9 report but still…I don’t know where the time goes. Actually, I don’t even have time for a hobby but that’s going to happen anyway because I’ve found a piano teacher who is willing to teach me. At least, he is willing to get to know me to see if there is a click before he decides if he wants to teach me. Btw, it’s not the guy who I approached in week 8 because that guy never responded to my question. This is a new teacher, I got his number via-via. During our phone call I explained to him that I have a very short attention span and that it’s his job to keep me inspired (no boring tone ladders). I might have scared him off so that’s why he wants to get to acquainted first. Oh well, I’ll just wait and see. Our meeting is next Monday.

What else have I been doing during last week? Ehm…. Well, I’ve been working of course. Both in the chiropractic clinic as well as in my own shop. I said before that I really enjoy both jobs and as long I can still combine the two, I’ll keep doing it. As soon as it becomes too busy I have to make a choice, but that’s not the case yet. The fun thing about both jobs is that I meet so many different and beautiful people. As a CA in the clinic I know all our clients and it’s a lot of fun to talk to them and to help them. Too bad that it also comes with (paper)work and interrupting phone calls of people who want to make an appointment right in the middle of their/my story. So annoying!
In my shop I meet a lot of different people as well. When they come in I find out soon enough if someone just wants to look around, needs information or maybe both, including a fun chat. Like today; some funny people came into my shop. For example, a dentist with funny and quirky stories, and a very posh lady who accidentally said that she had a “shit little cabinet” in her hallway, and then, on top of everything, there was this funny looking Feng Shui guy. That guy came from Chicago and gave me a lot of compliments about my shop with all it’s beautiful and classy stuff. He was crazy about the mannequin in front of the shop with its decorations (see photo): “Oh darling it’s soooo eclectic! How did you come up with it? Dressing that doll with shawls, necklaces, a fan, purses and then measuring cups and kettles?”. He also told me that he has taken a photo a couple of weeks ago to send to his friends and they all loved it. “Eclectic but crazy”. Anyway, he left as fast as he came in leaving me with a huge grin on my face. How I love those wonderful people! 😊
Don’t get me wrong! I don’t love everybody, just most of them. I did have some nasty people coming in. I always give them the benefit of the doubt but sometimes I just have to kick them out. It doesn’t happen often, only twice so far, but I think my things are better off with nice people instead of with nasty people. That’s not very businessy you think? Yep that’s right, it’s not businessy at all but it sure is satisfying.


As far as food goes, last week went a lot better than in St. Petersburg. I think I’m not going anywhere soon, I will just ground myself. I would rather ground myself in a farmhouse on the Brabantse countryside but I still can’t get my husband to agree with my plan to sell our house. Anyway, it’s easier to eat/drink when life is normal and not like in St. Petersburg with sleeping late, museum in, church out, lunchroom in, restaurant out etc.
Last Friday I finally called back the Obesitas clinic. I still had to let them know how everything is going since the surgery (now 7 weeks ago) and if there’s good progress by now? Or maybe I have some questions/complains myself?
I told the doctor on the phone that losing weight is still going way too slow (10kg so far), and she agreed. Then she said that there are InterCity’s and Diesels. Apparently I’m a (really slow) diesel and I’ve got to say, that didn’t make me feel any better. The image that pops up in my head when you say Diesel is either Vin (unreachable) or a big, log and square train. Not so flattering.
We continued the conversation with me telling her that for the last 3 weeks, I’ve got pain on my left side next to my bellybutton. I thought it was my spleen until someone told me that my spleen is not located there.
Huh? Really? Are you sure? Maybe I should Google it.
What? My spleen is about 20cm higher.
The doctor thinks it might be my intestines. They might be a bit messed up from the surgery. If the pain stays or gets worse, I’ve got to come back to the hospital to see if there’s no knot in it. Honestly, I think pain in my spleen would’ve been better. I don’t want my intestines changing into a big knot during our Camino. I’m not sure if there’s even a hospital along the way?

I’ve been thinking about the food during the Camino because it went quite bad during our St. Petersburg trip. However, I think it won’t really be a problem. Actually, I don’t think it will be a problem at all. Especially since my mother is so supportive and she’ll probably just join me with my eat/drink moments. Since we don’t know when we will come across a lunchroom it’s important to put food and water in our backpacks so…problem solved.
We have to start looking for a backpack to carry all our stuff like a sleeping back, clothing but also the water and food. At Decathlon I’ve seen a pretty pink one but an expert told me that color shouldn’t be the reason to buy the backpack. I also have to check how the bands are hugging my body. Well helloooo? I will not walk around with a stupid boring-color backpack right? Puh-lease! My shoes are already boring enough. What happened with the time that a backpack was almost hanging on the floor and had the right (pink) color? Oh wait, that was during the 80’s.
I guess that I just have to buy some glitter glue together with my backpack, or funny patches I can sew on. I’ve got already the special shells to sew on (thanks to my special mermaid friend). Those shells will get a nice spot on my backpack so everyone can see that I’m an official pilgrim.

This week I don’t want to discuss my foot. It’s too frustrating and I feel like I just have to cut it off or something. It doesn’t get any better!
Last week there was a client at the chiropractic office who knows the story about my foot and asked if he was allowed to hold it. WTF??? What do you mean hold my foot you pervert!!! But it turned out that that guy is a Reiki, or studied it, I don’t know how you say that. I could keep my shoe on so okay, I let him hold my shoe-covered right foot (I was wearing Uggs 🙂 ).
My foot and ankle started to get really hot and stayed like that the rest of the day. How bizarre!!! He also said that my ankle isn’t right (funny, that’s what my physio said last time as well) and the next time he will concentrate on that part too. Well, if it doesn’t hurt I’m willing to give it a shot. If Reiki can make me walk the Camino without (or with less) problems, why not?


So, I’m done with this week.

See you next week 😊


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