(eng) Week 11: Urbex…

And suddenly it’s Monday morning again. I wanted to write my blog yesterday (Sunday) like a well-organized person but well, life happened. Busy busy busy. So many things have happened so where should I start?

My mom and I bought a backpack! A really nice one actually. Especially made for women because of the boobies 😊. Oh, and it even includes a whistle and let’s be honest, who doesn’t want a backpack with a whistle? We also bought a sleeping bag. I come from a time when the only choice for a sleeping bag was plain or with flowers. Nowadays there are so many different versions to choose from; different lengths, thickness, mummy shape, etc.. In the end we chose the mummy version (purple because there was no pink) that keeps us warm from 10 degrees. Oh, and I also bought a cup for on the go, it’s pink with a unicorn that says “just add water”. I can spoil myself a little bit, right? And finally I bought a mini-giant bath towel. Mini because it’s very small if folded, and giant because it’s really big if unfolded, and most importantly…it’s pink. The fact that we have to endure a lot of challenges on our way doesn’t mean we can’t do that in style, right? After we paid, we put all our new stuff in our backpacks, put the backpack on our backs and went outside for some more shopping fun. It’s quite difficult to manouvre through shops so we decided it was lunchtime. I had a delicious tosti of which I could only eat half because of the whole stomach-the-size-of-a-kiwi thing. When we were done, we put the backpack back on and went home by tram.
Fun fact: you sit more comfortably in a tram if you take off your backpack!

What else has happened?
Oh, I remember. I was ‘approved’ by the piano teacher! We had a little meeting to get to know eachother and apparently he felt that I was motivated enough to learn, so we agreed that I would have my first lesson the following Monday (today). Unfortunately I got a text this morning that he had to cancel my lesson. No, not because he didn’t want to teach me after all but because he was sick! Too bad because I was really looking forward to my lesson ☹!
prima ballerinaI’ve always loved classical music. Since I was 4 up to a couple of years ago I did classic ballet, sometimes with a break in between (pregnancies, torn ankle ligaments, etc.) but I always came back. That’s why I signed myself up for a trial lesson BBW (Ballet Barre Workout). Well, there are never enough juggling balls up in the air, so I’ve decided that one hobby is not enough.
Like I said, I’ve done classical ballet for a long time, but I’ve also done tap dance, jazz ballet, flamenco and belly dancing. I’ve even tried street dance when I lived in Dubai. Streetdance was just getting a little bit popular and my friend, who also had a lot of dance experience, and I thought we should give that Streetdance a try. When we wanted to sign up for classes, it turned out that the beginners class was on a day that both of us couldn’t make. Luckily, the teacher said that we could join the advanced group because we had so much dance experience.
Oh boy, what did we get ourselves into?! We ended up between 18, 19 and 20-year olds (we were eh… a bit older, about 15 years or so) and that 1st lesson was a total disaster. My friend and I decided that we were just a bit rusty and we would be able to catch up in no time. During the 2nd lesson we realized that everything went really very fast, everything was very difficult and that we were not very (absolutely not) good. So, during the 3rd lesson we came to the conclusion that it was just a little bit too difficult for us and It would be better if we would just give up.
By chance, a few weeks after we gave up our Streetdance career, my friend and Isean paul went to a Sean Paul concert. While we were waiting for his act, the dancers came on stage and started with the show. The dancers’ moves looked a bit familiar to us and so we looked at the dancers with a little more attention. OMG!!!! Those dancers were members of our (ex) Streetdance class. Apparently, they get hired to dance at performances like Sean Paul’s! That means that if my friend and I had pushed through, we would have been there dancing too and maybe we would have danced in his videoclip “Temperature” or so. Okay, maybe not since we were slightly older than the rest of the group.
Anyway, time to start up my ballet lessons again. Those BBW classes are very suitable for people like me who have just undergone a gastric bypass and carry some (lots of) extra kilos with them. You do not want to hop around with a “voluptuous” body, but instead just do nice barre exercises and maybe some floor exercises on a mat. I only forgot to mention when I signed up that my foot is still a bit broken.
Oh well, my foot has been really good last week so as long as I don’t stand on pointes, it shouldn’t be a problem, right?
I’ve even went on a “Urbex” expedition with my youngest daughter.
“Urbex” stands for Urban Exploring. That means entering and photographing empty houses/buildings and it’s not entirely legal but hey, what’s a better mother/daughter bonding moment than being in prison together? Just kidding! You only get a fine… IF you get caught 😉

Let me out of here
My daughter and I had everything prepared very well. First, we made a route with all the objects that we wanted to see and then we packed our bags. Varying from food on the go, a flashlight and a multi-tool to extra blankets and food for the Muppets (they were joining our expedition as well). We left yesterday (Sunday) at 7am and reached our 1st target around 8.30am. First we took the Muppets with us to explore the area until they became grumpy of all the walking in the cold and so we left them in the car with a nice and cozy blanket.
Then it was time for us to crawl and sneak through all sorts of buildings, quickly dodging when the security cars passed, climbing over walls, thorn bushes that stick to everything and of course a foot that does not always cooperate very well. It was really exhilarating and so much fun!
Except for our third object. We walked through meadows (with the Muppets) until we almost reached that castle. We’d just reached the castle path when suddenly an alarm went off! Of course, that couldn’t be us, but it was scary enough for us to take a different direction immediately. Coincidentally (not :)) we reached the back of the castle. The Muppets were ahead and we were already preparing our cameras when another alarm went off. Okay, so it was because of us. We quickly ‘ran’ away, together with the Muppets, and with a detour of about 10km (5 according to my daughter) through the mud, icy puddles and cornfields back to the car. The main rule of “Urbex” is that you leave no evidence (vandalism/graffiti) except for footprints.
We didn’t leave a footprint but we left a whole field with footprints in the mud in which we sank to our ankles and with the Muppets in our arms. Gosh, what an adventure!
But my foot has done well. I’ve got a good feeling about the Camino!

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Untill next week !😊


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