Week 12: Ferrari Convertible

What a lovely week this has been.

First, I’ve been reminiscing about our Urbex adventure. I’ve been boring everyone endlessly with my stories and photos until I heard: “Sigh, you’ve told me already” or “Hellooooo, you showed me these a million times already”.
Secondly, I felt so happy that my foot did great during our City-jungle-adventure. I wanted to tell my physiotherapist all about it but I came up with that ballet brainwave so I had to cancel my appointment with him.
Luckily, I had to work Monday at the practice (Chiropractic & Physiotherapy) so I could cancel right away.
Oh dear… I thought I’ve seen enough eyerolls during my life, not to mention both of my daughters eyerolls, which are the best or so I thought, but I was truly impressed by the eyeroll of my physio. I actually think he could see his brains from the inside of his head! Ah well, good for him! I was still going to my ballet class of course 😊
And boy, that ballet class was fantastic. It already started in the dressing room when I started the trip through memory-lane with all those wonderful memories… I walked into the ballet studio and met the other ladies. They were really nice and I felt accepted immediately. It’s a group where it doesn’t matter if you’re young, old, thin or voluptuous, in our heart we’re all prima-ballerinas. Then it was time to start. I took the starting position, put my hand on the barre, the music started, and my heart skipped a beat. Oh my God, how I’ve missed this. All the movements came back to me and it only felt like yesterday since the last time I danced. Unfortunately, that was only during the first 4 minutes.
The other 56 minutes were pure agony. All my limbs started hurting, my arms, neck, legs and not to mention my foot! And you know with what exercise they closed the lesson? With planking! The ballet teacher said: “Every two weeks we add 15 seconds so right now it’s 1:45 minutes. It’s so much fun. Just join us!”.
HOLY SWEET MOTHER OF JESUS! I used to joke that my tummy muscles stayed in my mother’s womb during the delivery and even now, after 45 years, nothing has changed. So unless my 6-pack is really shy and hiding underneath a protective layer of fat, I don’t have tummy muscles. Hm, and a gastric bypass where they play Mikado in your stomach with six sticks doesn’t help either. Planking ballerina
I decided to start practising so that next time I would be a bit better. Every morning, as soon as I jump out of bed, I would start planking. Okay, that’s what my plan was, the reality is a bit different of course. I haven’t started yet because if I come out of bed, I’m so cold that I jump in the shower immediately and it would be stupid to sweat after the shower, right? A waste of water. So with me, not planking after I wake up, I’m saving the environment!
Wednesday I have my next lesson and I’m really looking forward even after 4 days of muscle ache and not being able to find my tummy muscles.

Oh dear, I’m so stuck on my tutu-cloud that I almost forgot to tell you about my shoes. By now everybody is familiar with my beautiful “Kutembea Viatu” (according to Google translate it means hikingshoes in Swahili and it sounds way cooler like that I think) but now I’ve bought matching Jesus Sandals. After all, we ARE going on a pilgrimage 🙂 and imagine it suddenly being 25 degrees or something, then my feet are desperately in need of some fresh air. Those Jesus Sandals will take care of that. Jesus Sandals

No worries: I solemnly swear I will never wear those sandals in combination with socks.

Fun fact:
I’ve already told you that they call my Kutembea Viatu “the Mercedes under the hiking shoes”. Well, I’ve now got the Ferrari under the Sandals as well, the brand Teva. Ferrari convertible from the year 0 but still Ferrari.
Hehehe, and just when you think nothing can be worse than those dark brown leather shoes and the Jesus Slippers, something ends up in your shopping basket that scares the hell out of you…a tummy pouch thing! A FANNY PACK! I almost had to cry when I paid for it, eventhough it’s black with pink. But we have to check in our backpack and we do need something to keep our passport, ticket and phone in. My Moschino handbag is not a very good option while hiking so… a fanny pack it is. Really, I don’t think there is anything left to make me feel ashamed. I already passed that whole stage when I bought the shoes and sandals.

By now my mom and I have everything for our journey. It can’t go fast enough now. Every time we go for a hike, it feels a bit of a useless exercise. We’re ready for the real stuff! Hiking in 18 degrees with a little sun on our backs, mmm… The 18 degrees is according to the climate index. I do hope this climate index does a better job than with St. Petersburg because it was -22 degrees off! Tattoo
Training is still better than not training so my mom and I went for a hike yesterday. I had a little doubt if I should go since I’ve got a new tattoo on my leg and I didn’t want my pants rubbing over the tattoo. It hurts already without the rubbing. I really like the tattoo though 🙂 It’s a special mother/daughter tattoo I got together with my youngest daughter. The tattoo is a cactus (her favorite plant) embraced by Lathyrus (Sweet Pea, my favorite flower).
Anyway, Mom and I took a different route this time and the sun was out. After all it did give a kick when we finished. Not a Portuguese-Spanish-Camino kick but a little We’ve-done-it-anyway kick. It felt good nonetheless.

Last but not least:
Did you know that story of the lady who went for piano lessons and her piano teacher had to cancel the very first lesson because he was sick? The second lesson also didn’t happen because the lady forgot to bring her book. Wednesday after ballet will be attempt number 3.
So, I wish you all a happy week.
Until next week 😊


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