Week 14: Almost time to start my pilgr…oh look, something shiny!…

Finally! Coming week it’s finally time to leave for my pilgrimage, the 12th of April to be exact. I still have a lot of things to do. Really a lot. Maybe too many things but I’ve found out why my schedules always sucks. In an earlier post, I already mentioned that there might be a juggling-ball with ADD on it, interfering with my juggling act. Well, I’ve managed to catch that ball. However, instead of ADD it’s labeled ADHD.

Last Monday they tested me thoroughly and they asked me a million-gazillion questions. Finally, they came to the conclusion that, without a single doubt, I have ADHD.
What? No way! I’m 45 years old and people my age would have been diagnosed a lot earlier, not when they’re 45! And come on, children with ADHD are those little monsters who always jump on the couch, scream all the time and climb into the curtains. I’m no monster like that and neither am I hanging in the curtains. That’s a stupid diagnosis!

But OMG…when they explained their diagnosis, everything fell into place. Like why I’ve always felt a bit different. Why I’m so impulsive. Why I always forget everything. Why I’m so sloppy. Or so un-attentive. Or why I’m doing everything at the same time. Why my planning sucks. Or why I’m so restless. So emotional. Why I get so enthusiastic so fast. Why I make stupid decisions. Or why I procrastinate. Why I never finish things. Or over-focus on a particular thing. Or my “been there, done that” characteristic. Or why… ah well, you catch my drift, the list goes on and on. It’s an eye opener and I think life would have been a bit easier if I’d known. adhd

There was one piece of the puzzle that was still missing, or so I thought. That hyperactive piece. I’m absolutely not hyperactive.
Oh, wait a minute…the fact that I can’t sit still, does that count? But that’s just because I’ve got restless legs, or maybe there’s a piece of lint on my sweater, or maybe I just have to stretch bit (like every 5 minutes)? Oh come on, everybody does that! Not? Oh…
But I can easily read a book, I love to read. Yeah, I can pet the Muppets at the same time, throw a ball, get a drink, stretch, glue some glitters on my fanny-pack, see a fly on the window. Everybody does that! Not? Oh…

They explained that children can put their energy in a lot of activities like me when I was young. Training 2 times a day for my synchronize swimming team, special training weekends, combining the synchronized swimming with classic ballet 2 times a week. Adults might put their energy in other things, like a lot of talking.
Hey, wait! Are you trying to say I talk a lot? Yes? Oh…
I’ve got to admit that there was always that sentence in my school reports: “Cindy is an intelligent and sweet girl but she really talks a lot”. Actually, I still hear it everywhere, at work, from friends, from family, even from strangers.

One other feature of ADHD is underperforming. To be sure that I understood correctly what they were saying I asked them: “Do you mean something like starting with Gymnasium and ending with Mavo*, spread out over 5 different high schools?”. Yes? Oh…

*In the Netherlands, we have a different high school education system consisting of different levels, which you’re allocated to depending on your performance in primary school – you cannot choose yourself. The lowest is VMBO, then a level up is MAVO, then HAVO, then VWO and Gymnasium. You can start with a certain level, and then move either up or down depending on your performance.

Well, enough about ADHD, at least for now. I’m just glad I know that I’m not a monster, not stupid and not abnormal. I’m just special 😊 😊 😊

Let’s continue with the coming week, the special week with the extra special day, April 12th. I said already that I still have to do a lot of things. Let’s make a list:

*Monday. At 9.15am a concentration test for my ADHD. They’ve warned me that it’s really boring so Yippieee, I’m looking forward to it ☹. After I’ve finished that test, my mom and I are going to the “Grote Kerk” (Big Church) in my hometown, The Hague. In that church we will receive our first Camino stamp in our pilgrimage passport. Then I have to work at the Chiropractic clinic from 2pm till 7pm. In between I have to do groceries, walk the Muppets and also have to cook.

* Tuesday. A full roadtrip day with my dad. Personal business. I’ll probably get back to that in a later post. Somewhere during the roadtrip I have to do groceries but I’m not sure when I’ll have the time. My little one is walking the Muppets and in the evening I only have to do the cooking.

* Wednesday. From 10am to 11am I’ve got my ballet class. The rest of the day is just cleaning the house and tidying up. Or is it first tidying up and then cleaning? No, I think the logic way is first cleaning and then tidying up. Oh right, I’ve also have to do the groceries, walk the Muppets and cook. It’s so busy that maybe I’ll get confused and start walking the groceries and cook the Muppets! Hahaha, before I wouldn’t have written that down. Now I don’t care anymore. You see, being diagnosed does have its advantages. It’s no excuse, just handy😉

* Thursday. D-DAY!!!! Finally!

First I have to go to the hairdresser at 8.30am. Unfortunately they didn’t have a spot on another day but at least I will be on our departure-selfie with a fantastic hair-do. Then, at 10am, I’ve got my piano lesson. After my lesson I have to hurry on my bike back home because at 12 I’ve got another appointment. Again, personal business but I’ll tell you all about it in a later post.

At 2pm I’ve got to pick up my mom and then we’ll drive to Schiphol Airport where our flight to Porto leaves at 4.30pm.

Oh oooh….I think I forgot something.

camino tip

Right, somewhere during the week I’ve got to pack my backpack while I still have time to buy missing items if necessary. I’ve bedazzled my fanny-pack already so that’s ready. My Jezus sandals…to bedazzle or not to bedazzle? Nah, never mind. Nothing can make those sandals look good. All my hiking clothes are clean. The only thing that’s missing are my sunglasses. I need to buy a new pair. I’ve got a lot of gorgeous sunglasses but they are way too expensive to bring to my trip. I might sit on them or lose them and that would be a shame. A cheap one is what I need.


Once I read over this post again I’ve come to realize it’s a really chaotic one. I’m really sorry about that but I’ve got a lot on my mind and I’m so excited to start my adventure. You know what? I better stop writing now. I’m not sure if I can write during the Camino because I’m not sure how everything will go. I might be out of reach or have bad service, or I might forget to charge my phone, or maybe I’m just too busy enjoying the adventure with my mom…who knows.

Let’s just close with…


no signal


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