(ENG) Week 20 en 21: You’ve got (fan)mail…

fanmailOMG! I’ve received fanmail! Okay, it was from my mother-in-law and she might not be completely impartial, but still…it was fanmail. She sent me a whatsapp saying that she missed my blog. How cool is that? Well, not that she missed my blog because that means that I’m already a week behind again so I have to write 2-in-1 weeks now, it’s more about the fact that she missed my stories.

But you know, it’s really hard to write a blog. I finished my list with subjects already last week and I was ready to write my blog but then lots of things happened and all my subjects were not that important any more. Like, I wanted to write about how I felt cheated by our cinema, about that you can still see my sock tan after my Camino and so it looks funny if I wear a dress (tanned legs, white ‘socks’), about how I have to change the name of my blog, about I have to make a new X-ray of my foot, about how our chihuahua Muppet got almost eaten by a German Shepherd, and lots of other stuff. But after my fanmail, I realized that I have to write about how hard it is for me to accept a compliment. Oh, and about our cinema because I really feel frustrated.

“An American in Paris”
My best friend and I went to the cinema to watch “An American in Paris”. We both love to watch old movies and how cool is that when you can watch an old movie on the big screen? Of course, we had to buy some popcorn first (what’s a movie without popcorn?) and then we went to our seats, and we were so excited. When the movie started, we IMG_1731initially thought it was a modern intro to the old movie until we realized that Gene Kelly was not coming anymore. It turned out to be a remake and more of a stage movie. How disappointing! We left during the break because apparently this was just a stupid version of a beautiful movie. I immediately told the cinema customer service that I wanted my money back. The cinema responded that in the advertisement it said that it was a musical movie. Excuse me? The original from 1951 is also a musical! Know your movies dumb cinema! It was no use, they refused to listen.
To make a long story short, they offered us a buffet voucher which I refused (after all, there was nothing wrong with the popcorn). After that, I didn’t hear anything anymore. So frustrating right? I feel cheated and I can’t even discuss this with the customer service. I can only send an email and then I get a reply from a different person every time. But what can I do? Boycott that cinema? That’s an option but that would mean I can never go to the cinema again. Aaaaargh! Has anyone got an idea?

Different subject now. Let’s talk about that receiving a compliment thing. What makes it so hard for me to accept a compliment? I say “me” but I think it’s the same for everyone else. A colleague from the US asked me once why Dutch people are unable to accept a compliment. So maybe it’s a cultural thing? I think that subconsciously we all need a confirmation that we are nice/fun/beautiful etc. We all use social media and we all want people to react, preferably written or at least a “thumbs up”, on our photo/post. If nobody or not enough people respond, we start doubting ourselves: ‘They don’t like me’, ‘It wasn’t funny enough’, ‘my hair looks stupid’ and more nonsense…

horsiesHowever, if a lot of people do respond, I don’t believe them. If someone tells me my hair looks nice, I respond with a joke like “Oh yeah, I finally brushed it this morning”. Or “Wow you’re looking good” and I respond “Nah, I’m wearing a new perfume”. The same thing happened after my last post. I received a lot of complimesilhouetnts about my ‘new’ body and I wanted to put them aside. However, this time they planted a tiny little seed in my head. It was time to have a serious look at my new body and you know what? It made me happy! I was satisfied with what I saw, and I realized that all that hard work was finally showing. I might not be there yet, still 20 kilos to lose, but I’ve got a shape again. Normally I would have said that a potato is also a shape but I’m not doing that today 😁

But now what’s that thing why we/me are unable to believe a compliment? Is it indeed a Dutch thing, so a cultural thing, or is it insecurity? Of course, I’ve thought long and hard to come up with a brilliant answer but I’m sorry, I haven’t got a clue. And I really don’t care anymore. My plan was to write this serious piece and to win a literature prize or something, but my brain is bouncing to all directions and while I was trying to write this post, I met this awesome lady.

You see, I was writing this post while I was working in my antique shop. During my break I was drinking a cup of coffee in the doorway to enjoy the sun when this couple with a baby in a stroller passed by. The lady wanted to have a quick look in my shop while her husband continued walking with the stroller (and baby). The explained they were trying to get the baby to sleep since he was too tired. Then, during the next 15 minutes, both of us exchanged as much information as possible. They’re English, used to work for Shell and lived in a lot of other countries as well, they love Oman (OMG! Have you heard about that cyclone? Omani tattooI’ve got a Omani tattoo!), What’s that tattoo on your foot? Oh, that’s my Camino tattoo, camino tattoothe cinema sucks but their popcorn is yummy, Arabic perfume smells wonderful, Café 42 in The Hague serves the best lunch, why don’t they just ask us to run a place in Thailand?, The Netherlands is not a fun place to live but there are worse places, and so forth. Then her husband came because the baby had finally fallen asleep. We really liked each other so I gave her my number, we told each other our names (I forgot hers already), she gave me a quick hug and there she went. Oh wait, she came back, picked up my business card which she had forgotten, gave me another hug, said “I’m so happy we met” and then she was gone. Isn’t that exciting? I’m sure we will become good friends (if she hasn’t lost my card and if I don’t forget to answer).

Until next time 😁


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