Week 22, 23, 24, 24 and a half: My baby…

OMG! Time flies! I only blinked once and all of a sudden 3 weeks have passed since my last post. Oh, and when I blinked for the second time my youngest daughter suddenly turned 16, she passed her exams and she was selected for a room in a housing unit close to her new study, so she will move out in July. My little baby… 😦

What is this thing about time? When you’re young, time just can’t go fast enough. I was soooo looking forward to my 18th birthday! Finally I would be an adult, allowed to get my drivers license and old and wise enough so my parents could stop nagging. But then, just after that 18th birthday I’m suddenly a middle aged 46 year-old woman, married for 26 years and with 2 daughters. And about my parents? Well, they never stopped caring* for me and I recently went out with my dad, which would never ever happen when you’re young.
(*when you’re a grown-up it changes from nagging into caring).

Hahaha, going out with my dad was actually so much fun. It was the first time for me anyway since my gastric bypass and it was a bit of a spontaneous action. We agreed to go out for dinner in the city center that evening since my mom was on holiday. It was lovely weather so we could sit outside, wearing my fabulous sunglasses, drinking a nice cold Pinot Grigio… Bliss! After a while we decided to order some food.
Oh, I’ve discovered that 2 starters or only 1 main course is the perfect amount of food for my mini kiwi-sized stomach. Okay, there will be some food left but hey, that’s why they invented the doggy-bag right? So people like me will have a snack or even lunch the next day 🙂

Right, back to going out with my dad…
After our dinner and our wine(s) we had some coffee and then my father decided that it was a good idea to go for one last drink at De Landman (our favorite bar). Because I went on my bike to the city center, I told my dad to jump on the back of my bike. Well, you can imagine how my father responded, a 69-year-old gentleman would never allow a lady (that would be me!) to ride a bike with him sitting on the back, NO WAY! So at my own peril, I jumped on the back of the bike while my father paddled through the narrow streets of the city center of The Hague. People had to lift their plates from the table when we passed their terraces since it was just a little too narrow. Well, maybe the streets weren’t that narrow but after a couple of alcoholic drinks you need twice as much space. Miraculously we arrived at De Landman and after a final drink (or two) it really was time to go home. My father, still the gentleman, brought me home on my bike and during this bike ride I held on for my life! Hahaha, nah…I safely arrived home and I went straight to bed because I had to work the next day. It’s really tough going out when you’re 46 and not 18!
me and dad

You know, actually time always flies but that must be because we all try to do as many fun things as possible and we try to enjoy every minute. The only moment time stands still is when you’re doing something awful like crunches, or sit ups, or planking. I think I’m already planking for at least 5 minutes and then it turns out only 20 secondes have past. Subsequently I try, with my Matthew Star Powers*, to telepathically move the hands of the clock forward but I need to practice that skill a bit harder. The hands won’t move at all.
* The powers of Matthew Star was a TV show in the ’80 about an alien who pretended to be a student to practice on earth his telepathic skills.

Time also stands still during boring activities. Like my ADHD medication group. I’m starting with this medication (I keep forgetting to pick up the medication from the pharmacy though) and the next few weeks I’ll be monitored in this group with 3 other people. I had to sit still for 1,5 hours while we watched a presentation and afterwards everyone had to tell their story. After a few minutes (seemed like hours) I didn’t know how to sit, where to look, what to listen to, etc. Thank God for my Apple Watch and Solitaire! But can you understand how hard that is and how slow time moves forward?
I think I’m not the only one that has time issues. I hear it all around me as well. Everyone is surprised how fast their child grows up, or how long they’re not smoking anymore, or how long they’ve been married already, etc. Maybe if all of us start planking the whole day, time wouldn’t move anymore (and we’ll get a 6-pack!). Or….maybe we shouldn’t care and just accept that time flies and we better enjoy it?dr seuss

Back in the days when I was an inimini little Cinderella, you had friendship albums in which friends and family could write special little poems or stories. My father wrote me a poem about “Time”. I don’t have the album anymore, but I’ll never forget the poem (and my father’s handwriting). I’ll try to translate it because since we’re Dutch, the poem was in Dutch and it might not make a lot of sense in English but trust me when I tell you it’s beautiful.

Days, weeks, months, years
Time flies
Times to never forget
Our times, remember?
Sometimes the times are worn out
Sometimes the times are useless
Just remember
You’ll always stay daddy’s little girl

Untill next time 🙂


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