Week 25: Lightning speed…

How ‘bout that? First it took me 3,5 weeks to write a new post, but I’m writing this post already after half a week. You want to know why? Because it’s all bubbling in my head and it feels almost therapeutic to write it all away 😉
Let me start….

I already told you a few weeks ago that I had to take a new X-ray, right? Because my physio wasn’t too happy with the fact that my foot kept hurting, not only at the fracture site, but my whole foot and ankle was painful and stiff. Well, I’ve got the results. The doctor had good but also bad news. Really, why would they say that? “I’ve got good and bad news”. Why don’t they just say: “Hey girl, the results are in and the verdict is…”. Sounds way better and you don’t get the feeling they have to amputate your foot or something.
Oh yeah, to continue with the good and bad news… The good news? The fracture has almost healed completely. Well, that’s about time after 8 months so yippee. The bad news? There are some degenerative spots throughout the whole foot and ankle. Or in easy language, ARTHRITIS! Can you believe it? I’m now a young(ish) woman with a geriatric foot! arthritis

I have to go back soon to discuss what I have/must/want to do but right now I’m taking a little break from doctors. I’m seeing so many specialists already; the specialists at the Obese Clinic, the ADHD specialist (oh well shit…I forgot to pick up my medication…oopsie☹) anyway, the ADHD Medication group, the ADHD coach, the fun dietician and the physio. It’s enough for now. We can talk about my foot after the summer holiday when I start the preparations for me and my mum’s Camino 2.0!

What else happened this week? Hm, let me think… I RUINED MY HAIR! It was time to dye my hair and for the last 3 times I used “Cool Blonde” from Syoss. I liked the colour but by now you know that I get restless right? So, I thought it would be a good idea to change to a warmer colour. A normal person would go to their hairdresser and discuss this but not me of course. I saw this sale from L’Oréal, 1+1 free, and they had a nice and warm blonde colour: Honey blonde. I thought it looked nice on the package and I love honey, so I bought it and that same night I dyed my hair. After 30 minutes it was time to rinse it out, it looked a bit dark, so I rinsed it some more. Still a bit dark so I blow-dried my hair and


It looked like I had a rust-stain on my head. I was a ginger strawberry. roest vlekA weird looking tomato. It didn’t matter how many times I washed my hair, I was screwed.

The next morning, I called my hairdresser and innocently asked her if they had an opening in their agenda for me. When do you want to hair-docome? the hairdresser asked me. Hm, I don’t know… NOW! I need a little haircut and oh, maybe some highlights or lowlights or a wig. My hairdresser was silent for a second and then I heard: “Oh Cinderella, what did you do?”.
I guess it was time to confess I ruined my hair. Thank God they could make some time for me and after they put some highlights in and gave me a haircut, I’m alright. It took me a few hours to get used to the new colour and model, but it suits me I think.

Now, last but not least, we’ve put our house up for sale. After 10 years, it’s time house for saleto move to a quieter area. Oh, and into a smaller house. And in a green setting with a big garden. Of course, this story will be continued but first we need to sell this house. How exciting right?

That’s it for this eh, half week.

Untill next time 😊


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