Week 31 I guess: Chicken Breast Problems

How remarkable? I’ve got absolutely no clue what the week number is. Maybe I should look it up? On the other hand, a year has 52 weeks and we’ve passed more than half a year. 52 weeks divided by 2 is 26 + somewhat like 5 weeks or so…My guess is that we’re living in week 31.

So, what happened after my last post?
Nothing important at all! I went to the hairdresser. After my recent do-it-myself hair-dye incident, I couldn’t get used to my new hairstyle. If my hair was standing up, it looked nice and tough but how can you wear a tiara on tough hair? It’s not that I wear a tiara every day, never actually, but if I want to wear one, it should fit right? So, I went to my hairdresser and asked her to cut it short but short in a way that I can easily let my hair grow. My hairdresser is used to my stupid questions and the only thing she asked me img_2602was: “Why would you want to let it grow?”. Well, yes, that was a good question! I actually don’t want long hair anymore, never. When I had long hair, I would always wear it in a bun because I hate hair around/in my face. Okay, that’s settled. Off it goes. Now I’ve got this hairdo called a pixie cut. It’s really short but I can wear a tiara on it. Do you know “Snow White” from the show “Once upon a time”? My hair is like her’s now, except in honey blonde and not in black. It still needs some practice but I love it 😊

What else? Hm…I bought some clothes. It’s still a bit of a challenge because my size keeps changing. I know of course that I’ve lost a lot of weight, 42 kg to be exact, but I’m used to walking to the plus size section. I realize that that’s not necessary anymore and last time I went shopping I got some stuff in size 18. I really didn’t feel like trying so I just hoped it would fit. I walked with some blouses and a pair of shorts over to the cashier: “You haven’t tried anything on, are you sure it’s your size?” she asked. “Eh well, I don’t know but I hope so” I answered very optimistic. “Maybe you should try it because it looks a bit big on you” the cashier said. OMG! Are you kidding me? Okay, the “it looks too big” part sounded good but I soooo didn’t want to try it on. img_2600If there is anything worse than hell, it’s a fitting room! I always sweat like a pig in those tiny rooms. You can’t turn your ass around, there are not enough pegs to hang up your stuff, the curtain never closes properly, that light is so unflattering and when something doesn’t fit, first you’ve got to get dressed again to get a different size. In conclusion, I hate it. However, I went inside that torture chamber to try the clothes on and guess what? The cashier was right after all. I had to change everything into a size 16 (for the shorts because my bum is still big 😉) and size 14 (for the tops).
So last week I had to buy some new clothes again because the content of my wardrobe is shrinking since I lost more weight. I didn’t walk immediately to the plus-size section, but I checked the “normal” collection and even there I was able to go for the L size instead of XL. It might sound a bit dramatic but while I was walking around the “normal” collection I became a bit emotional and I had to wipe a tear (or 3) away. After all, it was a big step for me! I bought a pair of jeans, a T-shirt and a cardigan. Of course, I didn’t try it first but you know what? If it doesn’t fit now, it will fit within a couple of weeks and at least I did enjoy my ‘feel good’ moment 😊

Isn’t it a bit weird that you lose so many kilos but in your head you’re not ready yet, evenimg_2596 after seeing photos? I can see I’m so much thinner than before but still I walk to bigger sizes and dress in oversized T-shirts almost all the time. I think that’s why the whole program at the Obese Clinic takes up to 7 years and you talk with dieticians, doctors and exercise experts. That doesn’t mean I’m looking forward to the meetings (apparently, I don’t fit within the standard spectrum of obese people) but it’s good to know that there is a team of professionals to back you up.
Actually, today I had my 6-month medical exam (2 months late but hey, I’m busy 😉) to see if my level of vitamins, minerals etc. is good enough. I also had a bicycle test to check my condition. There is no reference point however since I couldn’t do this test before the surgery. Taking that bicycle test with your leg in a cast doesn’t work! They told me that I’ve done so well that I’m an example for the clinic. Hilarious right? Nobody ever called me an example, except for maybe a bad example, but now I’m an example for the clinic. Hooray for me 😊

With my own dietician we’re trying to find a way to stabilize my weight-loss. My weight-loss is still going but I only need to lose max 5 kilos more. If I lose more kilos, I’ll look like an anorexia patient and that’s not my plan. I’m also losing more muscle than fat right now so that means my skin is starting to hang. Especially those chicken breast by my upper arms. Oh, and did you know that you can also have chicken breast on your lower arms? I know now! It’s impossible for me to stop right away if I’m waving at someone because while I’m waving I’m creating some kind of a perpetuum mobile. First my arm moves, then chicken breast 1 starts moving, then chicken breast 2 and in the end my hand moves. Once waving, stopping is not an option anymore. I’ve got to slow down waving gradually. I hope my skin tightens up soon but if not, I’ll just never wave anymore. If I ignore you on the streets, it’s not because I don’t like or see you but it’s just because my arms are too jiggly. Or maybe I should only wear long sleeves? Or, and that’s a bit daring, I shouldn’t care and just wave? It might just look that I’m extra enthusiastic to see you since my whole arm, chicken breasts and all, are waving? That’s for the future to think about.


And while we’re talking about chicken breasts…. BOOBIES! Why is it that you can’t lose weight at normal places like the bum, thighs, tummy and calves? Really, my boobies have done nothing wrong but still they’re disappearing, and the leftovers need heavy support. My mother in law once said: “Just roll them up and use a skewer”! Yeah, that’s indeed a good solution, however it’s a painful one. Thank God I can buy a normal sized bra now and I don’t have to buy a supersized bra anymore. Those bra’s costs more than €60,-. Ridiculous right? Now I only pay something like €30,-. Losing weight is not only good for my health, it’s definitely good for my bank account too! Same as jeans, before I had to pay over €80,- and now I bought one for €29,-.

Oh my gosh, I was so busy talking about clothes and stuff, I almost forgot to tell you about the new adventure my mom and I will enjoy. Did you understand the hint I gave you in my last post? *****DRUMROLL PLEASE*****
My mom and I will walk the Fatimá route next year. On the 13th of May 2019 there is like this holy thingy in Fatimá and we want to be there to join. We’ll start in Lisbon or maybe in surfingPorto, we’re not sure yet, and we’ll walk to Fatimá for that holy event and then we’ll continue our walk to Nazaré. In Nazaré you’ve got the highest waves to surf on in the whole world and my mom and I would like to try that!
Okay, just kidding. Not about the waves but about us surfing. We’ll walk to Nazaré because apparently, it’s the really end end of the Fatimá route, the end of the world. I don’t know the whole story because we still have to do a lot of research. The only thing that’s sure right now is that my mom and I will be in Fatimá on 13 May 2019. The rest wil follow. Oh, but I did find already some webshops where you can buy Fatima goodies 🙂

Until next time 😊


2 gedachten over “Week 31 I guess: Chicken Breast Problems

  1. Weer super om te lezen, leuk om zo op de hoogte te blijven. Je haar is top en lekker shoppen in een kleinere maat gaat gauw wennen! Jammer van de kipfileetjes maar daar moet je maar spieren van maken. GA aub door met je blog!

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