Week 35: Traveling De Muynckees Style (eng)

Okay, this time I’ve checked the week-number and what? It’s officially week 35 so that means that last time I was a bit behind. That’s quite common for the De Muynckees, we do have an issue with planning stuff. We call that “De Muynckees Style”. I think I’ve mentioned our style before and maybe I’m repeating myself but then you can just skip this part. I wrote about a lot of things and I just can’t remember it but hey, I’m blonde so I don’t have to 😉

About that blonde hair color, remember that I said I will never ever experiment again with do-it-yourself hair dyes? Yeah, well…last Monday I was walking in the drugstore and I saw this wash-out dye called “Colorista” from L’Oréal. It looked so pretty and pink and tempting, and on the package it said that the color will disappear after 2-5 washes, which is within 1 week. What can go wrong? img_2828So of course, I bought the pink one and as soon as I came home I put the wash-out dye in my hair. 15 min later and voilá! It looked a bit weird but also a bit funny and so I decided it matched my personality.
Like I said, what can go wrong? Apparently, the package was lying! While I was writing the above paragraph, I had to Google the name of the dye because I forgot. On the official website of L’Oréal it says that it slowly washes out within 5 – 10 times! That’s at least 2 weeks! I will be on the plane to Bonaire with weird funny hair. I do think the color disappears rapidly because of the sun, sea and chlorine. Unless it turns green, that would be just my luck. Oh well, we’ll see…

Coming back to De Muynckees Style, officially we call it “Traveling De Muynckees Style”. We’ve been using this phrase for a loooong time already and it all started after we realized we can’t travel normally. We travel a lot though and it’s not that we don’t know better, it’s just that things always end up different for us than for ‘common’ people. We’re the travelers that other people hate. We keep planes waiting, we get upgraded a lot, we miss flights, we wake up people because we have to use the bathroom at inconvenient times, we change a diaper on the table because the signal “fasten seatbelts” is on and the stewardess doesn’t let us go to the bathroom even when we’re still parked at the gate waiting for a timeslot, we’re the ones taking that last pillow/blanket etc.

By the way, missing the flight was by accident. We don’t do that on purpose, it’s a lot of work to change the ticket, especially in India. We were on holiday in Goa and when we were in the bus on our way to the airport, my husband came up with this brilliant remark: “Hé Cin, that bus we needed to catch at 11am…”. I knew something was wrong: “Yes San?”. “Well, that was the flight at 11am we needed to catch”. “Just relax sweetheart, that plane will surely leave without us!” and that’s typical “Traveling De Muynckees Style”.missed-flight

Another time, also in India but this time in Kerala, we were having dinner at our last evening there when my husband received a phone call from our travel agent who wanted to check if we’ve had a nice holiday. “Really what a moron! He calls a day early…!” we were thinking, however it got a bit stuck in our head. When we came back in our hotel we checked our tickets, you know, just in case. OMG! We’re leaving that night! runWe threw everything in our suitcases, we checked out and then we took a taxi to the airport. Of course the check-in desk was already closed but somehow we managed to get on that plane, just in time. And that’s “Traveling De Muynckees Style”.

Or that time when we flew back from Danang, Vietnam to Hong Kong, where we lived at that time. It was during the SARS period which they believed started in Vietnam, but we decided to go there for holiday. Anyway, the flight back was really early and so we didn’t have time for breakfast, but we decided to have breakfast in Ho Chi Min where we had a stopover. The only place which was already open, was a hotdog place. Ok, hotdogs for breakfast then😊

Our little girl was 9 months at that time and she loooooved mango and while we were waiting for the hotdogs I started feeding her little pieces of mango. When the hotdogs arrived, my big girl wanted some ketchup on it. She got the ketchup bottle, tried to open the lid and then….KABOEM! The lid got launched up in the air and so did the ketchup. Up up up up aaaaand…..down. Like a fountain. The four of us were completely covered in the sticky stuff. While we were trying to clean ourselves a bit with paper tissues we heard: “FINAL CALL, FAM. DE MUYNCK, FINAL CALL”. Holy Shit, time to run!
I already told you the little one was only 9 months and so she was still sitting in the buggy. While we were running to the gate we had to fold that buggy in and out like 3 times to get through all those security gates. Meanwhile my little girl got hold of the cup with the little pieces of mango and was squishing them with her little fingers and trying to get them into her mouth.

ketchup chartWhen we finally got into that plane, all the other passengers stared at us since we looked like we just came back from a battlefield, completely covered in ketchup including little pieces of paper tissue. Our seats were way at the back and we had to walk our ‘Walk of Shame’ with every staring at us while the plane started taxiing already. Just before take-off we reached our seats, put on the seatbelts and high fived; “Yeah we’ve made it!”. I looked at my little girl, she smiled at me still covered in ketchup, her sticky tiny fingers full of mango juice and a little piece of mango sticking out of her ear! The whole flight we had to laugh…it was absolutely hilarious. And that’s “Traveling De Muynckees Style”.

“Traveling De Muynckees Style” also means that our suitcases sometimes can’t keep up with us. I don’t understand why that is such a big deal to some people? Really, how convenient when you don’t have to wait for your suitcases and they even get delivered to your door? Sometimes you’ve got to improvise a bit but hey, nowadays you can buy everything? That pair of knickers, a bikini and flip-flops you can buy at any local market and in the hotels they have toothbrushes etc. Okay, I admit that if you’re on a short city trip and your suitcase is missing, you’ve got to improvise a lot. On the other hand, I added a nice coat, cool boots, a jumper and fancy jeans to my wardrobe. London is shopping heaven 😊 KLM delivered our suitcases a week after we arrived home…they’d never left the airport.

Next we’re traveling to Bonaire and I wonder what will happen. So far, img_2154I’ve arranged everything pretty well and I expect no problems. A couple of weeks ago I already arranged the Dog Hotel for The Muppets. Last Wednesday they had to go there for a trial day. I was more nervous than the Muppets because they didn’t have a clue what was going to happen. The problem with the Muppets is that Elmo is really scared of other dogs and starts barking, as a result Muppet wants to protect Elmo and starts barking too and then on top of everything Elmo starts peeing. Thank God everything went fine, and they’re allowed to stay there during our holiday.

I also had to arrange an official certificate so that I can take my ADHD medication to img_2858Bonaire. Dexamphetamine is on the illegal drugs list and before they throw me into a jail on Bonaire, I thought I’d better arrange that certificate. Of course, things going normal is not my thing and so I found out I had to request that certificate 6 weeks ago. The only change to get that certificate on time was if I would arrange it myself instead of using the official channels. Okay, first requesting an official letter from my psychiatrist with the name and dose of the medication including the reason why, then going to the Ministry of Health to get a milliongazillion stamps on that letter and then last but not least, a trip to the Court to get an official apostille. It’s really pretty with nice red and shiny lacquer but it cost €20,-! Can you imagine? Just to get that stupid stamp. Ah well, at least I’m allowed to bring my medication without getting thrown in a Bonairian jail 😉

I’m so looking forward to Bonaire! The whole summer I had to listen to everyone’s holiday stories and looking at their pictures but now it will be my turn! Except for learning how to go kite surfing I’ve got nothing to do so I think I might spam my blog with all kind of holiday posts 😊

Let me start spamming my blog already with some Urbex photo’s. Today my Mini-me and I went urbexing for the second time. This time there was no alarm going off or something like that, the only thing that went a bit wrong is the skin I’ve left behind. When I tried to climb down from a 2,5mtr high wall, my legs lost their grip and I slid down. Thank God I’ve got some leftover skin on my tummy otherwise my intestines might have come out.

Till next time from sunny Bonaire 😊


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